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KuCoin Academy Les 2: Wat is Bitcoin? (Deel 2)

Nieuw bij crypto? Maak je geen zorgen. Blijf op de hoogte van KuCoin en binnenkort word je een crypto expert!
We hebben het KuCoin Academy-programma gelanceerd, dat onderwerpen behandelt van crypto-basics tot handelskennis. Na het leren van elke les kun je beloningspunten verdienen! De beste studenten met de hoogste punten eind augustus krijgen KuCoin Merchandise en KuCoin VIP-kwalificaties!
Hier komt de tweede les: Wat is Bitcoin -Deel 2
In deze les leer je: * Hoe wordt nieuwe Bitcoin gemaakt? * Wat is Bitcoin mining? * Wat is Bitcoin Halving? * De impact van Bitcoin Halving op de prijs? * Hoe Bitcoin te verwerven?
Nadat u het artikel heeft doorgenomen, moet u deze quiz afmaken om tot 100 punten te verdienen! Ook hebben we elke werkdag om 15:00:00 (UTC + 8) een pop up quiz in de KuCoin Telegram Groep, dus doe mee als je kunt!
Blijf op de hoogte van KuCoin en laten we samen leren en verdienen!
Lees hier onze vorige artikelen: 1. Leer & Verdien: Blijf op de hoogte met KuCoin 2. KuCoin Academy Les 1 | Van niets tot honderden miljarden: Wat is Bitcoin? Deel 1
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Decred Journal – August 2018

Note: you can read this on GitHub (link), Medium (link) or old Reddit (link) to see all the links.


dcrd: Version 1.3.0 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) is out! The main features of this release are significant performance improvements, including some that benefit SPV clients. Full release notes and downloads are on GitHub.
The default minimum transaction fee rate was reduced from 0.001 to 0.0001 DCkB. Do not try to send such small fee transactions just yet, until the majority of the network upgrades.
Release process was changed to use release branches and bump version on the master branch at the beginning of a release cycle. Discussed in this chat.
The codebase is ready for the new Go 1.11 version. Migration to vgo module system is complete and the 1.4.0 release will be built using modules. The list of versioned modules and a hierarchy diagram are available here.
The testnet was reset and bumped to version 3.
Comments are welcome for the proposal to implement smart fee estimation, which is important for Lightning Network.
@matheusd recorded a code review video for new Decred developers that explains how tickets are selected for voting.
dcrwallet: Version 1.3.0 RC1 features new SPV sync mode, new ticket buyer, new APIs for Decrediton and a host of bug fixes. On the dev side, dcrwallet also migrated to the new module system.
Decrediton: Version 1.3.0 RC1 adds the new SPV sync mode that syncs roughly 5x faster. The feature is off by default while it receives more testing from experienced users. Other notable changes include a design polish and experimental Politeia integration.
Politeia: Proposal editing is being developed and has a short demo. This will allow proposal owners to edit their proposal in response to community feedback before voting begins. The challenges associated with this feature relate to updating censorship tokens and maintaining a clear history of which version comments were made on. @fernandoabolafio produced this architecture diagram which may be of interest to developers.
@degeri joined to perform security testing of Politeia and found several issues.
dcrdata: mainnet explorer upgraded to v2.1 with several new features. For users: credit/debit tx filter on address page, showing miner fees on coinbase transaction page, estimate yearly ticket rewards on main page, cool new hamburger menu and keyboard navigation. For developers: new chain parameters page, experimental Insight API support, endpoints for coin supply and block rewards, testnet3 support. Lots of minor API changes and frontend tweaks, many bug fixes and robustness improvements.
The upcoming v3.0 entered beta and is deployed on beta.dcrdata.org. Check out the new charts page. Feedback and bug reports are appreciated. Finally, the development version v3.1.0-pre is on alpha.dcrdata.org.
Android: updated to be compatible with the latest SPV code and is syncing, several performance issues are worked on. Details were posted in chat. Alpha testing has started, to participate please join #dev and ask for the APK.
iOS: backend is mostly complete, as well as the front end. Support for devices with smaller screens was improved. What works now: creating and recovering wallets, listing of transactions, receiving DCR, displaying and scanning QR codes, browsing account information, SPV connection to peers, downloading headers. Some bugs need fixing before making testable builds.
Ticket splitting: v0.6.0 beta released with improved fee calculation and multiple bug fixes.
docs: introduced new Governance section that grouped some old articles as well as the new Politeia page.
@Richard-Red created a concept repository sandbox with policy documents, to illustrate the kind of policies that could be approved and amended by Politeia proposals.
decred.org: 8 contributors added and 4 removed, including 2 advisors (discussion here).
decredmarketcap.com is a brand new website that shows the most accurate DCR market data. Clean design, mobile friendly, no javascript required.
Dev activity stats for August: 239 active PRs, 219 commits, 25k added and 11k deleted lines spread across 8 repositories. Contributions came from 2-10 developers per repository. (chart)


Hashrate: went from 54 to 76 PH/s, the low was 50 and the new all-time high is 100 PH/s. BeePool share rose to ~50% while F2Pool shrank to 30%, followed by coinmine.pl at 5% and Luxor at 3%.
Staking: 30-day average ticket price is 95.6 DCR (+3.0) as of Sep 3. During the month, ticket price fluctuated between a low of 92.2 and high of 100.5 DCR. Locked DCR represented between 3.8 and 3.9 million or 46.3-46.9% of the supply.
Nodes: there are 217 public listening and 281 normal nodes per dcred.eu. Version distribution: 2% at v1.4.0(pre) (dev builds), 5% on v1.3.0 (RC1), 62% on v1.2.0 (-5%), 22% on v1.1.2 (-2%), 6% on v1.1.0 (-1%). Almost 69% of nodes are v.1.2.0 and higher and support client filters. Data snapshot of Aug 31.


Obelisk posted 3 email updates in August. DCR1 units are reportedly shipping with 1 TH/s hashrate and will be upgraded with firmware to 1.5 TH/s. Batch 1 customers will receive compensation for missed shipment dates, but only after Batch 5 ships. Batch 2-5 customers will be receiving the updated slim design.
Innosilicon announced the new D9+ DecredMaster: 2.8 TH/s at 1,230 W priced $1,499. Specified shipping date was Aug 10-15.
FFMiner DS19 claims 3.1 TH/s for Blake256R14 at 680 W and simultaneously 1.55 TH/s for Blake2B at 410 W, the price is $1,299. Shipping Aug 20-25.
Another newly noticed miner offer is this unit that does 46 TH/s at 2,150 W at the price of $4,720. It is shipping Nov 2018 and the stats look very close to Pangolin Whatsminer DCR (which has now a page on asicminervalue).


www.d1pool.com joined the list of stakepools for a total of 16.
Australian CoinTree added DCR trading. The platform supports fiat, there are some limitations during the upgrade to a new system but also no fees in the "Early access mode". On a related note, CoinTree is working on a feature to pay household bills with cryptocurrencies it supports.
Three new OTC desks were added to exchanges page at decred.org.
Two mobile wallets integrated Decred:
Reminder: do your best to understand the security and privacy model before using any wallet software. Points to consider: who controls the seed, does the wallet talk to the nodes directly or via middlemen, is it open source or not?




Targeted advertising report for August was posted by @timhebel. Facebook appeal is pending, some Google and Twitter campaigns were paused and some updated. Read more here.
Contribution to the @decredproject Twitter account has evolved over the past few months. A #twitter_ops channel is being used on Matrix to collaboratively draft and execute project account tweets (including retweets). Anyone with an interest in contributing to the Twitter account can ask for an invitation to the channel and can start contributing content and ideas there for evaluation by the Twitter group. As a result, no minority or unilateral veto over tweets is possible. (from GitHub)


For those willing to help with the events:
BAB: Hey all, we are gearing up for conference season. I have a list of places we hope to attend but need to know who besides @joshuam and @Haon are willing to do public speaking, willing to work booths, or help out at them? You will need to be well versed on not just what is Decred, but the history of Decred etc... DM me if you are interested. (#event_planning)
The Decred project is looking for ambassadors. If you are looking for a fun cryptocurrency to get involved in send me a DM or come talk to me on Decred slack. (@marco_peereboom, longer version here)


Decred Assembly episode 21 is available. @jy-p and lead dcrwallet developer @jrick discussed SPV from Satoshi's whitepaper, how it can be improved upon and what's coming in Decred.
Decred Assembly episodes 1-21 are available in audio only format here.
New instructional articles on stakey.club: Decrediton setup, Deleting the wallet, Installing Go, Installing dcrd, dcrd as a Linux service. Available in both English and Portuguese.
Decred scored #32 in the August issue of Chinese CCID ratings. The evaluation model was explained in this interview.
Satis Group rated Decred highly in their cryptoasset valuation research report (PDF). This was featured by several large media outlets, but some did not link to or omitted Decred entirely, citing low market cap.
Featured articles:

Community Discussions

Community stats:
Comm systems news:
After another debate about chat systems more people began testing and using Matrix, leading to some gardening on that platform:
Reddit: substantive discussion about Decred cons; ecosystem fund; a thread about voter engagement, Politeia UX and trolling; idea of a social media system for Decred by @michae2xl; how profitable is the Obelisk DCR1.
Chats: cross-chain trading via LN; plans for contractor management system, lower-level decision making and contractor privacy vs transparency for stakeholders; measuring dev activity; what if the network stalls, multiple implementations of Decred for more resilience, long term vision behind those extensive tests and accurate comments in the codebase; ideas for process for policy documents, hosting them in Pi and approving with ticket voting; about SPV wallet disk size, how compact filters work; odds of a wallet fetching a wrong block in SPV; new module system in Go; security of allowing Android app backups; why PoW algo change proposal must be specified in great detail; thoughts about NIPoPoWs and SPV; prerequisites for shipping SPV by default (continued); Decred vs Dash treasury and marketing expenses, spending other people's money; why Decred should not invade a country, DAO and nation states, entangling with nation state is poor resource allocation; how winning tickets are determined and attack vectors; Politeia proposal moderation, contractor clearance, the scale of proposals and decision delegation, initial Politeia vote to approve Politeia itself; chat systems, Matrix/Slack/Discord/RocketChat/Keybase (continued); overview of Korean exchanges; no breaking changes in vgo; why project fund burn rate must keep low; asymptotic behavior of Decred and other ccs, tail emission; count of full nodes and incentives to run them; Politeia proposal translations and multilingual environment.
An unusual event was the chat about double negatives and other oddities in languages in #trading.


DCR started the month at USD 56 / BTC 0.0073 and had a two week decline. On Aug 14 the whole market took a huge drop and briefly went below USD 200 billion. Bitcoin went below USD 6,000 and top 100 cryptos lost 5-30%. The lowest point coincided with Bitcoin dominance peak at 54.5%. On that day Decred dived -17% and reached the bottom of USD 32 / BTC 0.00537. Since then it went sideways in the USD 35-45 / BTC 0.0054-0.0064 range. Around Aug 24, Huobi showed DCR trading volume above USD 5M and this coincided with a minor recovery.
@ImacallyouJawdy posted some creative analysis based on ticket data.

Relevant External

StopAndDecrypt published an extensive article "ASIC Resistance is Nothing but a Blockchain Buzzword" that is much in line with Decred's stance on ASICs.
The ongoing debates about the possible Sia fork yet again demonstrate the importance of a robust dispute resolution mechanism. Also, we are lucky to have the treasury.
Mark B Lundeberg, who found a vulnerability in atomicswap earlier, published a concept of more private peer-to-peer atomic swaps. (missed in July issue)
Medium took a cautious stance on cryptocurrencies and triggered at least one project to migrate to Ghost (that same project previously migrated away from Slack).
Regulation: Vietnam bans mining equipment imports, China halts crypto events and tightens control of crypto chat groups.
Reddit was hacked by intercepting 2FA codes sent via SMS. The announcement explains the impact. Yet another data breach suggests to think twice before sharing any data with any company and shift to more secure authentication systems.
Intel and x86 dumpsterfire keeps burning brighter. Seek more secure hardware and operating systems for your coins.
Finally, unrelated to Decred but good for a laugh: yetanotherico.com.

About This Issue

This is the 5th issue of Decred Journal. It is mirrored on GitHub, Medium and Reddit. Past issues are available here.
Most information from third parties is relayed directly from source after a minimal sanity check. The authors of Decred Journal have no ability to verify all claims. Please beware of scams and do your own research.
Feedback is appreciated: please comment on Reddit, GitHub or #writers_room on Matrix or Slack.
Contributions are welcome too. Some areas are collecting content, pre-release review or translations to other languages. Check out @Richard-Red's guide how to contribute to Decred using GitHub without writing code.
Credits (Slack names, alphabetical order): bee, Haon, jazzah, Richard-Red and thedecreddigest.
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08-06 12:03 - 'Cryptocurrency in China: Over the Counter, Under the Table' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/TrueCastleX removed from /r/Bitcoin within 568-578min

Between headlines like “China Bans Bitcoin”, “China Bans Crypto Exchanges?”, and “China Bans Bitcoin Mining,” it’s no surprise that most people are unclear on where China stands on cryptocurrency and whether that has any real bearing on how its citizens behave.
We hope to demystify this and offer some insight into the legal status of cryptocurrency and related matters.

In law

In China, bitcoin is legally recognized and protected as virtual property. This has been the law since 2013 and the classification was reconfirmed in the recent [Hangzhou court ruling]1 .
However, this does not recognize bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as legal currency. Hence, any use of Bitcoin as a currency is illegal. Occasional peer-to-peer OTC transactions are acceptable, as long as the behavior remains on a small scale. All mainland financial institutions are barred from any involvement in virtual currencies and foreign entities are also prohibited from serving mainland customers.
Related: [UK Finance Watchdog Issues Guidance on Regulation for Bitcoin and Crypto Assets]2
China has been[ progressively restricting more aspects of cryptocurrency]3 within its borders dating back to September 2017, when it began by[ banning ICOs]4 because of the financial risk and frequent fraud.
Since then, China has[ not hesitated to prosecute]5 seriously offending ICOs or crypto scams, which were clearly scamming their customers, such as Hero Chain, EOSPLUS, TronDotWallet, PlusToken, MGC, and DOGX. Some of them raised a ton of money from retail and exit scammed, some disguised as wallets or high-yield quant fund. The largest among them is [PlusToken]6 , which has scammed over a whopping $3 billion in total. Core team members of PlusToken were arrested earlier this year in Vanuatu with the help of local police and are now facing decades in jail.
The ICO rules also restricted the activity of cryptocurrency exchanges domiciled in mainland China, as they are considered to be facilitating illegal fundraising and financial crimes. To preserve their businesses after the ban, these exchanges restructured and moved overseas to countries such as Japan, Singapore and[ registered in countries like the Seychelle]7 s and Malta.
However, some exchanges, including Huobi and OKEx, continue to conspicuously serve Chinese customers in crypto to crypto trading, and facilitate yuan to BTC/USDT exchange disguised behind a peer-to-peer OTC front.
The regulatory requirements on bitcoin mining are relatively fuzzy, the “ban” was not issued by a legal or regulatory department, but rather came from a “[industry structure reform recommendation]8 ” from a state planning agency, which usually serves as [a guideline instead of actual regulation]9 . Hence, we haven’t seen any material impact on local mining facilities due to this “ban”. While many Chinese miners are currently looking for foreign sites, that is primarily due to fierce local competition rather than regulatory concerns.

In practice

The actual handling of cryptocurrency in mainland China in practice doesn’t reflect the letter of the law, however.
It’s no secret that Chinese citizens remain deeply involved in cryptocurrency mining, trading, and ICOs/IEOs. While official figures say that the percentage of cryptocurrency trading attributable to the yuan has dropped from 90% to 1% in the wake of the 2017 regulation, this does not account for over-the-counter trading which is where most fiat to crypto volume in China[ has shifted to]10 since the regulation.
OTC options are offered by exchanges like Huobi as well as by locally managed WeChat groups. These OTC desks take the form of a marketplace where buy and sell orders are offered manually and transactions are done in a peer-to-peer manner. The platform here merely acts as a place for buyers and sellers to discover each other, rather than facilitating trades itself as exchanges do.
Cryptocurrency in China: Over the Counter, Under the Table
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: TrueCastleX
1: *wit*er.*om/**vey*an/*tatus/1*519**3*39*9008768 2: www.*o*ndesk**om*uk-fi*anci*l-wat*hdog-is*ues-ful*-guid*n*e*on-crypt******ts 3: ww*.loc.*ov/**w/h*l*/crypto*u*renc*/chi**.php 4: www.pbc.*ov.c**g*utongj*****u*11345*/11*469/33**2*2/inde*.html 5: www.c*a*n*ew*.co*/*rticle*/9955***14*56.htm 6: cn.longhas*.com/ne***pl*s-*oken*%E6*88*96%E*%B7*91%*8*B7%AF%E4***%8*%**%*B%8D%E*%9C%8**E5%A*%A*%E*%8*%8F%*8%B*%84%*9*87%91%E5%*0%9A%E6%9C%AA*E8%*D****E5%8*%B* 7: *inan**.sina.*n*blo*kc*ai*/2018-09-0**detai*-ihiix*e**6*61*6*d.html?fr*m=*ap 8: *ys.**rc.gov.cn**y*gtzzdml201**408*pd* 9: blo*kcha**.peo*l***om.c*/*1*2019/0408*c*1768*-3*0184*1.html 10: *ww.*mtpost**om/291**78.h*ml
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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Bitcoin Mining Energie

Ik ben benieuwd hoe groenlinks denkt over de energie slurpende bitcoin mining. is groenlinks hier voor of tegen.
wat is jullie kijk hierop.
Ikzelf ben tegen bitcoin mining.
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BNR Radio: belasting en crypto

Toevallig hoorde ik net op BNR radio een stuk over belasting en crypto voorbij komen, dus besloot ik meteen mee te typen (als aantekening voor mezelf). Misschien dat jullie dit ook interessant vinden. Let wel op dat mijn aantekeningen niet letterlijk zijn, maar dat ik dit snel heb meegeschreven. Overigens is wat in dit gesprek wordt gezegd een bevestiging van wat al eerder is gezegd in deze sub, dus niets heel nieuws.
Woensdag 21 juni 2017 vanaf 17:38 uur: BNR Radio over cryptocurrencies, met Peter Kavelaars (hoogleraar fiscale economie) als gast.
Interviewer (I): stel ik heb 4.000 EUR erbij door mijn investeringen in bitcoins, moet ik me dan zorgen maken om de belastingdienst? Kavelaars (K): Nee, want eigenlijk is beleggen in bitcoins vergelijkbaar met een belegging in aandelen. Als je op aandelen koerswinsten maakt na verkoop, dan zijn die koerswinsten simpelweg onbelast omdat het in box 3 zit.
I: En hoe zit het met minen, wanneer je in feite zelf geld creëert? K: In beginsel zal het wel onder dezelfde regels vallen, want in beginsel is dat ook een soort belegging, zodat dat voor particulieren wel in box 3 zal zitten. Maar je kunt je voorstellen dat iemand op een gegeven moment besluit er meer zijn bedrijf van te maken. Stel iemand besluit bijvoorbeeld een beleggingsadviseur te worden, dan kan het zijn dat het langzaamaan, gelet op de hoeveelheid werk je erin steekt, een onderneming wordt en dan is het uiteindelijk wel belast in box 1. Er is ook nog een tussencategorie: bij mensen die dit heel actief doen, zou het tot belasting in box 1 kunnen leiden, maar dat ligt eraan hoe intensief men met die mining aan de slag gaat. Het gaat vooral om de activiteiten die je erin stopt. Naarmate die activiteiten fors zijn, en naarmate je ook wel flink moet investeren in die activiteiten, zal het goed denkbaar zijn dat het in box 1 belast zal worden.
I: Kunnen we extra belastingregels omtrent cryptocurrencies verwachten? K: voorlopig zal dat wel niet gebeuren. Want alle koerswinsten die op aandelen worden gemaakt, laten we in feite onbelast – dus het zou raar zijn het hier wel te doen. Wel is van belang dat het kabinet heeft aangegeven dat box 3 op de schop gaat: daar wil men een vermogenswinstbelasting voor gaan invoeren, en dan gaan de waardestijgingen die je realiseert door aandelen/beleggingen in bitcoins wel weer belasten. Maar voordat we zover zijn, zullen er wel alweer een paar jaar verstreken zijn.
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Not a CEXIO bashing thread. Just a question. Please read I would like your input.

I've been working with cex since december and I've had the usual ups and downs. Delays with withdrawals, delays with verifications and eventually they were all resolved after agonizing waiting periods.
Now that we established the premises on to the situation at hand:
On Dec 13 I get an email stating I need to sign some statements and provide aditional documentation because money laundering policy. Mind you I have not send a single cent to cex. I'm a longtime hodler of BTC and a few alts and I'm selling a few for living expenses and other business projects. At the bottom of the email they specified (but I somehow missed) that all deposits are suspended.
Since then I've sold off my wallet ballance and withdrew the money with no problem so thinking everything is in the clear since I was able to sell and withdraw last thursday I sent some BTC to my cex wallet ... pending ... 1-2-3-4 days ...
A few support tickets later, today I get an email stating my account deposits are STILL on hold and the documents I sent were not enough and I need to send 3 months worth of bank statements to prove my income (wat?) and print screens of my mining software and wallets (wat?) since I claim all my crypto funds come from mining. All sent !
I mined in 2014 I don't have print screen of my mining software so I sent them a print screen of the main alt I was hodling that went 10x some time back thus made me a good chunk of my btc showing mined block rewards from when the alt was launched and a print screen of my bitcoin wallet which is an electrum because I kept my 2014 bitcoins (that I got from trading alts on cryptsy RIP) on a MultiBit wallet which was no longer working so I had to do a key sweep to electrum.
I really hope this is enough proof for my case but now on to my question. Is this normal ? Has something like this every happened to any of you guys ? It seems a bit much for wanting to sell your bitcoin. I feel like I'm being suspected of crimes against humanity or something with this level of scrutiny.
Also shameless ping to cex_io please look into this, I am not a criminal. I have a few btc that I held on to that I would like to use to better my life (and another few I'm hodling for the future) Userid: up111791395 Ticket id: 485138
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There is No Bad Press? Blatant Scam Disguised as "Bitcoin Multilevel Market" Launched in Brazil

Ponzi schemes are frequent everywhere. The last (and pretty famous one) in Brazil was TelexFree, halted by Justice by the time it had reached the size of 500 million reais ( ~200 million dollars).
The brazilian bitcoin community (bitcointalk portuguese, facebook etc) was quite surprised to realize that the newest scam on the streets was brave enough to stage a show with our dear bitcoin as the main role: www.vb12.com.br
They sell obsolete USB Erupters and promise ONE BITCOIN/month for a 800 reais (~350 usd) monthly fee! As the poor scammed person brings other peers, he gets a better bitcoin reward (wat?).
The official video tells that "their special software allows better mining efficiency as more people join the pool" and bullshit such as "bitcoin price is around 200 usd".
Many newbies are popping up on forums brought by such crazy scheme. The link of the video (portuguese): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNgo3tTZztU
TelexFree was able to penetrate even the depths of Amazon in poor small towns, make top stories on televisions and put up outdoors everywhere in this 200 million country.
Will a scammer bring more awareness about bitcoin then all legitimate efforts combined?
TL;DR: potentially huge scheme/Ponzi in Brazil taking advantage of bitcoin fame may unintentionally raise bitcoin awareness
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Antwoord op vragen van het lid Moorlag over de milieueffecten van bitcoins

Geachte Voorzitter,   Op 8 december 2017 heeft de heer Moorlag aan de minister van Economische Zaken en Klimaat vragen over de milieueffecten van bitcoins ingezonden. Hierbij doe ik u de reactie op de vragen toekomen.   1 Kent u de berichten “Produceren van bitcoins is een aanslag op het milieu”, “Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index” en “Het groeiende energieprobleem van de blockchain”?   Antwoord   Ja.   2 Acht u een geschat elektriciteitsverbruik van het Bitcoinsysteem van bijna 32 terawattuur op jaarbasis een realistische schatting? Zo nee, waarom niet? Welke schatting acht u dan wel realistisch?   Antwoord   Bitcoin is een vorm van virtuele valuta (cryptocurrency) en een hele specifieke toepassing van blockchain technologie. Het vertrouwen in de werking van bitcoins en het tegengaan van fraude is mogelijk door de inzet van veel rekenkracht in een wereldwijd netwerk. Bij bitcoins worden aanpassingen gedaan door de eerste computer in een netwerk, die een ingewikkelde puzzel oplost met bitcoins als beloning. Dit proces heet minen. De moeilijkheidsgraad van de puzzel, en dus de benodigde rekenkracht en daarmee het energieverbruik, groeit bij toenemend gebruik. Een schatting van het energieverbruik door Digiconomist is gebaseerd op de aanname dat ‘miners’ 60% van hun verdiensten aan “operationele kosten” kwijt zijn. De miners in het netwerk zijn verspreid over de hele wereld en gebruiken niet allemaal dezelfde systemen. Dat maakt het lastig om het energiegebruik wereldwijd goed te kunnen inschatten.   3 Deelt u de mening dat een elektriciteitsverbruik in de orde van grootte van een land voor een relatief klein systeem zoals bitcoin een buitenproportionele aanslag op het milieu doet? Zo ja, waarom? Zo nee, waarom niet?   Antwoord   Door de oplopende koers is de belangstelling voor bitcoin fors gegroeid. Het is daarmee geen klein systeem meer. De energietarieven in Nederland zijn relatief hoog in vergelijking met de tarieven in andere landen, zoals China. Op dit punt zijn we in Nederland niet aantrekkelijk voor mining activiteiten waarvoor veel lokale rekenkracht nodig is. Ik verwijs ook naar het antwoord op vraag 2.   4 Worden de energielasten uitsluitend door de gebruikers van cryptocurrencies en blockchaintechnologie gedragen? Zo nee, in welke mate komen deze lasten voor derden?   Antwoord   De energielasten voor het doen van transacties met en het aanmaken van nieuwe bitcoins zijn voor rekening van de zogenaamde miners. Andere zogeheten cryptocurrencies hebben andere verdienmodellen, waarbij geldt dat het minen niet of anders ingericht kan zijn. Een uitspraak over energielasten voor de blockchaintechnologie als geheel kan daarom niet gedaan worden.   5 Deelt u de mening dat als de blockchaintechnologie verder opkomt dit een grote aanslag op het milieu kan betekenen? Zo ja, waarom en welke gevolgen verbindt u hieraan? Zo nee, waarom niet?   Antwoord   De technologie en experimenten met toepassingen van blockchain zijn nog volop in ontwikkeling. Hier past ook een nuancering door het onderscheid tussen bitcoin en blockchain te maken. Zoals in het antwoord op vraag 2 is aangegeven, werkt bitcoin op basis van mining. Maar blockchain voor cryptocurrencies of andere toepassingen kunnen ook werken zonder mining en dus zonder de inzet van veel rekenkracht. Het zijn met name deze toepassingen waarvoor de technologie nog volop in ontwikkeling is. Ook de Rijksoverheid experimenteert met blockchaintechnologie voor haar eigen processen, waar mogelijk zonder energie-intensieve mining.   6 Deelt u de mening dat blockchainvarianten die geen grote processorkracht en dus elektriciteitsverbruik vereisen de voorkeur hebben boven blockchainvarianten zoals bitcoin die gebruikt? Zo ja, waarom en wat kunt u doen om te bevorderen dat de energiezuiniger varianten de norm worden? Zo nee, waarom deelt u die mening niet?   Antwoord   Het Bitcoin systeem en de technologie voor blockchain zijn wereldwijd en privaat gedreven fenomenen en zijn nog volop in ontwikkeling, waar ik weinig invloed op heb. En ja, als iets bij gelijkblijvende kwaliteit energiezuiniger kan, is dat altijd beter. Daarom is het van belang dat voor grootschalige blockchaintoepassingen door overheden op termijn ook gekeken wordt naar andere technieken, die vertrouwen waarborgen en minder energiekosten. Zoals aangegeven in de reactie op vraag 5 gebeurt dat al.   Voor zover activiteiten in Nederlandse datacenters plaatsvinden, vallen die reeds onder de energiebesparingsregelgeving. In het kader van het Energieakkoord zijn er afspraken gemaakt over energiebesparingsdoelstellingen. Daarnaast zijn er bijvoorbeeld in het zogenaamde MJA3-convenant afspraken gemaakt over energie-efficiëntie in verschillende sectoren als geheel. Het energiebeleid richt zich niet op één specifieke activiteit, maar op het efficiënter en energiezuiniger maken van processen in datacenters.   7 Bent u bereid nader onderzoek te doen naar de ontwikkeling en de beheersbaarheid van het energieverbruik van cryptocurrencies en blockchaintechnologie en de Kamer daarover te informeren? Zo ja, op welke termijn kan de Kamer dit tegemoet zien? Zo nee, waarom niet?   Antwoord   Het Nederlandse beleid zet zich al in op het stimuleren van energie-efficiënte processen, ook in datacenters. Specifiek onderzoek naar energiegebruik van cryptocurrencies en technologie is niet aan de orde, omdat de technologie nog in de kinderschoenen staat en de bitcoin een wereldwijde ontwikkeling is, waar ik geen invloed op heb.   8 Is er bij het formuleren van de klimaatdoelstellingen rekening gehouden met een stijgende vraag naar elektriciteit die voortkomt uit blockchaintechnologieën zoals Bitcoin? Zo ja, op welke wijze? Zo nee, waarom niet? Acht u het nodig hier op nationaal en internationaal niveau aandacht voor te vragen en hoe gaat u dit doen?   Antwoord   Bij het formuleren van de klimaatdoelstellingen is geen rekening gehouden met de opkomst van Bitcoin en onderliggende technologie. Die technologie is slechts één van de vele innovaties, die invloed hebben op het energieverbruik in de wereld.   Daarom zet de Nederlandse regering in op sturen op CO2.   Hoogachtend,   mr. drs. M.C.G. Keijzer   Staatssecretaris van Economische Zaken en Klimaat  
  Datum: 24 januari 2018    Nr: 2018D02118    Indiener: M.C.G. Keijzer, staatssecretaris van Economische Zaken en Klimaat
Bron:    tweedekamer.nl
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Deepweb Rooms.

You know, at first I hated the Deepweb. It was slow and I didn't really like paying with currency that I didn't trust. But this changed everything. And with everything I really mean every fucking thing.
"Fuck that, she's not even attractive man. " I listened to Zaelig with disbelief. " Why would you pass on her? You've been chasing that pussy since eight grade or something! You know what this smells like? Like a chicken. BOKBOOOOOOK! " Zaelig seemed to be trying to get his act together on the other side of the Skype call while I was looting a dead zombie in the game we were playing together." You know what dickbutt, you're on your own. I'm gonna browse the deeper webs for some grade A molly for this weekend. " " Dude, the fuck? We are in the middle of the game?!"
I heared a door open through Zaeligs microphone. " Zaelig! Why are you on these websites again!? " By the voice I could tell it was his father. And he sounded pissed. Zaelig is a genuine good guy, and we've been friends for most of our lives now. But he is.. How should I say this. An adrenaline junkie? Lately it's been experimenting with drugs. Before it was shredding waves together. And his newest experiments involved the Deepweb. Let's just say his Japanese father told him it was dangerous in his - awesome- broken English. " You know computer can die from websites right? " " Dad, come on. This isn't even a weird website. It's like an online market. " " Pha! Online market. You have offline market around corner here! Do your homework and stop slacking Mr. Zaelig. " I heard the door closing with a dull sounding bass sound. " Dude. I need to go. He is going to murder me if I don't at least get a B for my history classes. I'll text you later. " Before I could even make fun of him because of the situation that just unfolded on Skype he closed the call. I played the game some more and at around 1AM it was time to hit the sleeps.
" WWWWW-WWWWW. WWWWWW-WWWWW. " For a second I thought I died and was on my way up to heaven but slowly I saw the bright light in my eyes was coming from my phone. It was 2:34 when Zaelig texted me.
Zaelig: broooo. Listen. I just found this ducked up website on my laptop on tor. 💪
Me: Dude. It's 2:35. I got class first period. 2 morrow K bye
Zaelig: Jake listen
Wake the fuck up. You really need to see this.
😠😠😠😠😠 wake up
Me: Are you retarded or what the fuck is so important on ur precious deepweb
Zaelig: Grab ur laptop. You still have tor right? I'll send u an onion link thru mail open it and text me when u did. This is the craziest shit I've ever seen
With a bit of feelings of aggression towards this sometimes mentally challenged friend of mine I turned around and grabbed my MacBook from the ground. For a second the startup sound startled me, fearing my parents or sister would wake up by the sudden sound.
Me: Ait. Wat do you want me 2do
Yo. Don't tell me I grabbed this shit for nothing Z.
Fuck face with yr Fkkn pranks. Ur getting ur ass kicked tomorrow.
The next day started out slow. Because of this midnight adventure Zaelig took me on, after he decided that he was not answering my texts anymore. We don't have classes together on Tuesdays so I looked for him in the canteen. There he was. Face buried in his laptop at one of the tables, sitting alone. It wasn't really Zaelig like to be sitting alone, given he was quite popular. I walked up to him to confront him about this midnight BS last night.
" Erhm.. DUDE. The fuck was that all about last night man. These jokes aren't funny. " He didn't even move to look up to me and continued to what looked like frantically searching something on his screen. Then all of the sudden he seemed to snap out of it and looked up with this look in his eyes. The look he has when he A: found something out of this world or B: was in some deep trouble. "Do you have bitcoin? " He asked. " No, you know I don't like using that stuff. What's going on man?" Zaelig closed his laptop and looked at me as if he found the Holy Grail.
"I found the sickest website ever. Like no joke dude. I tried having you see this shit last night but my connection fucked up and my texts weren't getting through or something. " Zaelig told me the sickest-thing-ever phrase a lot, so I wasn't really too impressed yet. " Alright, what's so sick about this new discovery of yours. " I said with sarcasm clearly being the lead tone in my voice. Zaelig smiled. " Ever wanted to be in full control of someone's fate? Like let's say you can torture, kill or do whatever with someone who for example killed a kid or whatever. I found this website hidden within other websites. It was a freaking maze but I wrote down every click I did to be able to find it again. It has this one page with a live feed of a room and a bitcoin donation button to get like HD image and this one person chatbox where you can get in line for telling the moderator your one idea to do to the person in the room. "
I stared at Zaelig in sheer terror. " Zaelig Takoma, what the flying fuck man. This isn't funny. "
" Do you think I could make this up Jake? I was as shocked as you are now when I found it. Last night I was there and there was this guy tied up in the room and blindfolded. The voice in the room assured us he was deserving this treatment for he killed another man. The voice said something about this treatment being more effective than our justice system. So like when it was my turn to choose what the guy should do to him I said shoot him, as like a test. The people before me had the guy punched, kicked and spit on. I thought of it as an experiment, but the guy in black actually shot him in his leg. It shocked me so much I shut down my laptop and went straight to bed. "
I think it took a solid three minutes before I could even get my mind around what Zaelig just told.
" I-.. This can't be real man. Tell me this is one of your shitty jokes and we can go on with our lives. " Zaelig looked around as if he had something to hide, and then quickly turned his laptop towards me. I saw it. Every freaking thing he said was true. There was a bloodied, wet looking blindfolded man in the middle of this small basement like room. The camera seemed to be hooked up to the ceiling facing downwards towards the man. A big slider text through the screen popped up every few seconds: "BACK SOON. CHOOSE HIS FATE. 21 PEOPLE IN LINE. "
" Holy fucking shit. " That was pretty much all I said for the next five minutes while Zaelig tried to convince me to come over to his house that night and see what this was all about. I don't clearly remember what I did for the rest of that day. Probably because I was shocked of what I just witnessed. All I remember is I called in sick at school and went home early to play video games and get my mind of this sick ass shit.
That night, Zaelig texted me again.
Like this one person had his chance to say what the dude in black had to do to the tied up guy
And he said puke on him
He actually fuckng did it man
Nojoke 😷😷😷😷😨
I couldn't believe this guy was still on that fucked up crazy live feed. It was around 9pm and I was a little calmed down about all of it by then. Zaelig actually had me curious about the whole thing. This couldn't be real right? This had to be staged. My curiosity got the better of me and at around 9:30 I rang Zaeligs doorbell. "Dude I knew you were intrigued like me by all this. I'm fourth in line right now. Some people had him punched and another one said he should have a bucket of vomit poured over him. "
The man looked battered. A big open wound had blood dripping out of the top of his head. His white shirt was stained with blood, vomit and sweat. He could barely sit on his knees out of what looked pure exhaustion. A guy dressed in full black and a hoodie that obscured his face paced back and forth. All of the sudden a devil like voice spoke and it seemed to come from the man dressed in all black. '' Next in line. Make your choice. Remember; this man murdered an innocent person. He should be punished. '' A text popped up on the screen like when someone donates money to his favorite Twitch streamer. '' Kick him in the face with your bare foot. '' '' Alright, number 591. Thank you for your input. '' The black dressed man started taking off one of his boots while the so called murderer was visibly crying. The anonymous martyr stood up, and walked around the helpless man. In one swift move the right foot connected to the face of the man. Because of the brute force he fell backwards, flat on his back. You could hear him scream in pain, muffled behind his taped up mouth.
Zaelig looked at me. '' This is crazy man. We are next in line. We have full control over his fate now. What do you think? '' I was stunned. After seeing the wounds on this man, the kick to the face.. It became more and more clear to me that this was real. This was happening right now somewhere on our planet and we had control over what happened to this man. '' What if this guy isn't a murderer? '' Zaelig looked confused after I asked him this question. '' Dude ofcourse this is a murderer! Why would anyone do this to an innocent person man that's too sick. The guy in black said that he murdered a young teenager. He can't get away with that shit, and now we have the power to do something about this. Fuck the law, we can give him the punishment he deserves. Death. '' I've never doubted myself more than this particular night. Why on earth would I want someone dead? But if it was true what the all black guy said, then he deserved death. Right? To this day I don't know what happened exactly but in the end I agreed with Zaelig on his plan. '' Next in line. Your call. Make your choice. '' Zaelig looked at me. I remember I could only nod, because my mouth was as dry as a desert on a hot afternoon.
Zaelig started typing. '' Shoot him through his skull. '' I think my heart skipped a beat here. The anonymous martyr walked out of sight, loaded a handgun and aimed it at the head of the blindfolded man. '' Your choice number 592. Thank you for playing ''. I've never seen someone die. Let alone see someone get shot through the head. In some way I still think of it as a way out for the helpless guy. And end to his misery.
The way back home I cried. In bed, I cried. I felt weird and could not for the life of me come to grips with the situation. How did I end up choosing to end someones life? Sure I didn't aim the gun to his head and pulled the trigger, but in the end we chose his fate. After the man was shot, the stream went to black with a text saying: '' See you tomorrow. '' Zaelig and I were shocked about what happened and we agreed to never tell anyone what we saw. After this. My life changed forever. The next day at school I could not for the life of me find Zaelig. He wasn't at school and wasn't answering my calls or texts. I thought he was just still too f-ed up because of what happened last night so I went to see him at home after school. '' Hello sir, is Zaelig at home? '' Mr. Takoma looked at me confused. '' Hello Jake, no Zaelig left for school this morning. He no school? '' I left and mumbled something about him probably being at the gym but deep down I knew something was wrong. That night I was in bed thinking, worrying and texting Zaelig. No response whatsoever. Then it dawned on me. The stream. It said see you tomorrow. I watched closely last night when Zaelig backtraced his steps to the stream so I thought I would give it a go. I never made it to my laptop on my desk.
You know, now that I look back on it it all seems so obvious. I think it's nice in some kind of weird way of the hooded man to let me use the phone one of the viewers wanted me to have to write this story. Zaelig died a day ago. A viewer decided he should die and he got beaten to death by a chair. After the hooded martyr untied my blindfold to write this I saw that Zaelig's body was still laying next to me. We murdered a man, so I guess we deserve this. The room seems smaller in real life though. This will be my last post ever on Reddit, asthe next viewer ordered to cut my throath. The only thing left to say to you guys is never use the deepweb. At first you are looking at firearms and in a few accidental clicks you are deciding your own faith. Bye guys. Tell my parents and sister I love them. Stay safe and delete your history and cookies after reading this.
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What's up with Coinbase's customer service?

Edit: Coinbase has decided that "Unfortunately a manual review has determined that you are ineligible to use the Coinbase platform to purchase Bitcoin." Now I wish I had listened to the bad reviews of their company before using them.
I have a few bitcoins that I mined years ago and decided to load into Coinbase both for cashing out and into Coinbase Exchange so I could play around with day trading and turn the few bitcoins into even fewer ones.
I submitted all of my ID information and was going along just fine for a few weeks, but on Saturday (20th) I logged into the exchange and was prompted to upload my driver's license. Ooookay. Weird, but whatever, I did it, and got an email confirming that my ID was verified and I was able to access the exchange again. (They apparently sprung this on a lot of people, I found out later that day.)
Then I tried to make a trade (I'm talking on the level of 0.01-1.5 BTC, like the others I had made while playing around with the exchange system) and got a message that said "Trading is disabled." Wat.
I wasn't sure why, so I poked around on the forums and got nothing. Then I submitted a ticket, messaged a Patrick on reddit and posted on the forum.
To date, I have heard exactly nothing from Coinbase except for a reply from John in their customer service department who I messaged on the support forums yesterday and who, to his credit, replied very quickly and told me that he passed my ticket along to the "right people" and that they would get back with me "shortly."
It's now 3 days since I filed my original ticket and over 24 hours since I was told that someone would get back with me shortly. I'm starting to lose my patience over this due to the complete lack of information regarding what's going on. All of my info has been verified, my coins aren't "dirty" (unless mining them years ago is suddenly considered "dirty") and I didn't dump a huge amount of them on the exchange, either. Those are all reasons I could find by searching for why something like this would happen, but since Coinbase hasn't bothered to reply, I'm left to guess as to what's going on.
Patrick, John or whoever else from Coinbase, I'm asking you to please, please have someone contact me about this. I'm not a big customer, nor am I important, and yes if I needed to I could just pull the exchange coins into Coinbase itself, cash out or transfer them out and leave, but I really don't want to do that. I just want someone to help me out.
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More of the outsiders get it than you probably think

This will be laughable to many of you so you know, be forewarned and all. It's just an outsiders experience for the past few days and I have nowhere to share it, but I think you guys will get it.
I'm not an opiate user but I lurk this community for a few reasons. This is a throwaway, but here's a comment of mine on main that explains - https://www.reddit.com/opiates/comments/1xbj6y/getting_kinda_tired_of_all_the_i_dont_use_opiates/cfa498k
Last year I had surgery and was given a hefty stock of percocet. When my pain was done, I had maybe 10 left. I've taken them for migraines, bad cramps, etc. Once to help me sleep after rolling but later googling told me THAT was a bad idea. Whoops.
I go in and out of depression on a fairly regular basis - I'm not sure I'm ever really out of it, but I am sometimes passably normal, sometimes I am barely functional. It's untreated. I am terrified of doctors overall and exhausted by the thought of therapy. My thyroid is pretty fucked too (underactive) so that plays into it.
This past week I've entered a shitty place. It's occurred to me before to make a day pass a little easier or make a night exceptionally chilled out with my leftover pills. I never did. Until this week, when I've done it three days in a row.
The strangest part is that two of those days, I was surprised when the comeup hit because I'd honestly forgotten that I'd even taken them. Today, right after, I told myself how unnecessary it was and was so surprised that I even did it, but it was already done.
That said, I'm a little high and sitting I the 70 degree sunshine in the park and reading, so that's not bad.
I am positive the first comment is going to be the so wat if I'm a dope feen meme but guys, I promise you, there is no way I even could continue this if I wanted to. Any person I might use as a connect would rip me a new one, and although I'm pretty tech literate, bitcoin and the dark Web confuse me a little and my boyfriend would fucking kill me if I sent anything to our house. (he already strongly vetoed that plan for the molly we occasionally do) it's a fair thought to have, and if I saw a post like this it would be the first thought I had, but if you knew my life you'd know how laughable the idea is.
I just, I don't know, it kind of helped me get your world a little bit. It's just been such a compulsion - I'm like "hm, that would definitely feel better than how I do now. swallow. Jesus, why I do that? It won't happen again." and then...
I did tell a friend of mine, so that it's not some festering secret. Secrecy always makes things more dangerous.
I've said in other comments that had the circumstances of my life been even slightly different, I'd be one of you. We're made of the same shit, I know that. Who doesn't want some fucking relief?
Some perspective from an outsider who dipped my toe into the water in the smallest way, at least. You are more understood than you think, if people are honest with themselves about just how hard it is to be human.
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General info and list of exchanges for Superior Coin

About Superior Coin Private, Secure and Scalable
Superior Coin is a secure, private, untraceable currency unlike many cryptocurrency that derivatives of Bitcoin. Superior Coin is based on the CryptoNote protocol and possesses significant algorithmic differences relating to blockchain obfuscation. Superior Coin main emission curve will have issued about 1.5 billion coins to be mined in over 35+ years. Superior Coin protects privacy in three wats for all transactions on the network.
Ring signatures hide the sending address. RingCT hides the amount of the transaction and, Stealth address hide the receiving address of the transaction. Is on Blockfolio App Listed on CoinMarketCap 
Superior Coin is the first decentralized secure, private and untraceable currency pays dynamic block rewards along with ASIC Resistance. Specifications
Type: POW (Proof of Work) The new block size (NBS) is compared to the median size M100 of the last 100 blocks Algorithm: CryptoNote Difficulty Re-target: CryptoNote Difficulty adjustment per block Block Time: 2 minutes Fee Transaction: Minimum of 2 SUP Total Supply Coins: 1.5 Billions Emission Rate: 35+ years Pre-mine: 300 Million 
How is the pre-mined SUP distributed?
100 Million Sold in Pre Sell To be dripped out daily. 200 Million lock_transfer Locked on a 4-year cycle where 1.8% are unlocked per month. Of that 1.8% distributed as follows: 0.45% to reward users on our platform, the other 1.35% will be lock_transfered back into the blockchain for another 4 years where the cycle will repeat itself. 
Why Choose US?
We are fully Decentralized Network, here are some of the advantages:
Secure, Private and Untraceable Currency All transactions are completely untraceable The transaction is faster than other coins. Low Fees 2 minutes block time First Dynamic Block Rewards along with ASIC Resistance High Encryption Superior Coin had social platform community called Kryptonia where the people around the world participated. A user can promote business, blog, and social media account and earn coins as well. Listed on CoinMarketCap Is on Blockfolio 
The Superior Coin Wallet enables you to keep your Crypto coins safe and comes with several powerful features so you can keep your Crypto coins secure and exchanges your coins efficiently.
For step by step instructions on how to install the Superior Coin wallet check out this link on Steemit.
There is also a twenty minute video on YouTube showing how the wallet works in case you have any questions about the power functionality it has to offer.
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Radeon card comparison

I put up the above spreadsheet to compare each of the radeon cards in MHash per wat and Mhash per dollar. This chart is based on the one from here: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Mining_hardware_comparison
prices for the hardware were sourced from shopbot.com.au and ebay.com.au (so Australian prices). you can probably pick the hardware up cheaper in the USA however.
Ideally you want the most Mhashs per wat since the hardware is a fixed cost, this however is complicated by the fact you can only have a limited amount of cards (usually two) per mother board. So this also must be considered
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Top 10 J&A Episodes 2014

Name your top 10 episode of Jake and Amir, from the past year (bonus points if you do it in rhyming puns or wat eva, fa-tess Amir's scrolls style)
Ok, here is mine:
10- Laundry
9- Copier
8- Gum
7- Table Read 2
6- Vacation Scroll
5- Real Estate Agent Part 1
4- Poster Ideas
3- Bitcoin
2- Birfday
1- Tinder
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MSM coverage

Please share some msm links from your country. In mine (The Netherlands) ripple is finding slowly his wat into the media. This is a link about bitcoin over 2000$ where Ripple is mentioned as a 1000% increase in the last month.
Bitcoin voor het eerst meer dan 2000 dollar waard http://nu.nl/internet/4709727/bitcoin-eerst-meer-dan-2000-dollar-waard.html
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Local electricity rate confusion

So I'm getting pretty interested in bitcoin and doing some necessary research, and as I'm calculating cost of using a single S9 for like 20 to 24 hours a day it's going to be (somewhere) in a large range of 800-950 kwh per month, right? Unless I'm goofing math.
Now that wouldn't be such a problem if i didn't find this. "Large Power (Demand is more than 200 kW) Demand Charge $67.05 per kW Consumption Charge (kW x 200) $0.0691 per kWh Consumption Charge (all excess) $0.0636 per kWh Minimum Charge $705.00"
67.05 per kW? wat. I called the city to verify that's correct and whoever I was speaking to claims that's correct. That's relative to this.
"Residential Facilities Charge $12.35 First 800 kWh $0.1054 per kWh Over 800 Winter Season $0.080 per kWh Over 800 Summer Season $0.0969 per kWh Minimum Bill $12.35"
.105 cents per kwh as opposed to $67 per kw......... I'll turn my house into a bitmansion before I move to this previous business location I've been considering. It can sound like a train on the daily, I'll at least be able to afford food. I wouldn't be able to mine shit staying below 200 kw per month I'm pretty sure.
SURELY I'm missing something here. Like misunderstanding the math or idk what. Would any of you experienced coinees help clear something up for me here that I'm not seeing?
I'm digging BTC, but it's slow to click for me. Thanks for reading.
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[email protected]

[email protected]: When you buy product placement on the simpsons but nobody notices it.
Comment link: /CringeAnarchy/comments/6x8yzo/when_you_buy_product_placement_on_the_simpsons/dme40ya
How can it be trusted as an investment?
Just mine bitcoins for a bit and forget about it for a couple of years.
But yeah, I guess I could turn something on super low priority.
Still, I guess buying those dongle things does count as an investment.
What next? Gonna tell me farming NX cash is a lucrative business?
Sounds like you're in denial because you lost your wallet key or something.
If you had access to one of the bitcoin i presume you lost you could move it to coinbase and then convert it to fiat.
That's at least 4k each.
Sorry for your loss, keep track of your keys.
GG m8, you complained like a bitch to tell me that I lost money I never gave a shit about.
I understand, I would be incomprehensibly furious if I lost several thousand dollars due to forgetting a password.
I'm not being snide, I mean that.
You don't have to be such a jerk about it, and pretending that it wasn't worth anything in the first place won't help you deal with it.
m8, if I don't give a shit about several millions of dollars do you really thik I give a shit about several thousands of dollars?
But hey, good job going into passive aggressive beta mode, that'll certainly endear me to you.
As in people who aren't trust fund kids or haven't won the lottery.
Still confused on why you were pretending bitcoin wasn't worth anything in fiat money.
Gonna keep putting words in my mouth and downvoting till you get what you want?
Nobody gives a shit about your opinion on bitcoin, faggot.
No amount of hilarious attempts at gaslighting will change that.
So you lost thousands of dollars. No reason to pretend it didn't happen.
Lots of people eventually lost their wallet keys.
Here, I have a toy to help you.
+u/User_Simulator -BlackBoxBeing-
Now try again, and this time put some effort into it, you had 9 hours to make a comeback.
I still don't understand why you started out pretending Bitcoin wasn't worth fiat money in the first place.
I'm not even attacking you, just stating the facts, and you haven't even disputed what I've said.
See, this would've been better, but nope, had to pussy out. I mean you're still trying too hard on the "umad" angle, but considering circumstances, it might be the only thing you can come up with.
Speaking of being fucked over and over again, maybe if you keep insinuating retarded bullshit in spite of reality it'll come true.
I still don't understand why you started out pretending Bitcoin wasn't worth fiat money in the first place.
You didn't even deny it afterwards.
It's like you think using your mantra is going to change anything, even things you don't know about, it's kinda sad.
Then again, this is the same retard arguing about "charity" by states using college, of all things.
And for a whole day too. Lol.
You now admit it's worth something but seem unreasonably bitter towards me.
This is the list of most charitable states, genius. What dark recess of your mind did you pull college from?
  • aef823: Two days now.
And still trying. Lol.
  • -BlackBoxBeing-: I still don't understand why you started out pretending Bitcoin wasn't worth fiat money in the first place.
You now admit it's worth something but seem unreasonably bitter towards me.
This is the list of most charitable states, genius. What dark recess of your mind did you pull college from?
  • aef823: >Two days now.
And still trying. Lol.
Actually, this is the perfect time to ask generic faggots like you a question.
Why resort to autistically spamming? It's not like it's going to do anything. All I'd have to do is keep quoting myself. At what point does it sound like a good idea?
  • -BlackBoxBeing-: Why did you start out pretending bitcoin wasn't worth money?
  • causeWhyNotMate: cause why not, mate?
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Watcoin [ANN]- World's First Politically Incorrect Meme Coin - Release Date June 13, 2014

In WAT we trust
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No IPO was required to develop this coin as Devs and friends paid for development using their own time and bitcoin.
We did a 1% premine of Watcoin prior to release. It will be used for contests, bounties, giveaways, rewards, and overhead. We also kept a portion of the premine for the Wat Lady who’s likeness we have used. Once she can be identified we will attempt to set up a wallet for her or her legal guardian. It is our way for her to receive some payback.
Our coin is resistant to 51% attack and ASIC mining , meaning that GPU mining should be profitable for you and your rigs.
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We decided on using the secure hashing algorithm X11 + KGW, making the coin 51% attack resistant and ASIC mining resistant. 99 second Block Targets 9 Hour Difficulty Readjustments 
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[Q] info about hardware for bitcoin

So I found this website - https://products.butterflylabs.com/25-gh-s-bitcoin-miner.html
And this company sells somekind of machines for mining. I was wondering if someone knows about them or uses one of those, because the whole bitcoin thing is a mess to me. I've recently got hooked up about it and the past days I've been reading all about it and I think I wanna get a machine.
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[Table] IamAn editor at the Chinese government's official news agency. AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2013-08-02
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
How does Xinhua come up with ideas for slideshows? They are a little different than slideshows you might expect from Reuters or AP. HAHAHA dude. The Xinhua slideshows are a running joke in my department. If enough people bother me to do so, I'll post some of the more ridiculous ones. I want to meet the guy who's responsible for those so badly. But there is little to no communication between departments here, so I don't even know whodunit. I'm only responsible for editing stories, photo stuff is an entirely different unit. Edit: "embarrassed by tight sport pants" has some gnarly cameltoe action, maybe NSFW. Unless you work for a porn company. Or Xinhua, evidently.
Please post more ridiculous slide shows! "Terrible! Women get too drunk"
Link to news.xinhuanet.com
"Funny photos of people who got stuck"
Link to news.xinhuanet.com
Isn't it risky to do an AMA like this, especially after calling your workplace "Orwellian"? The "Orwellian" bit only applies to the news that comes through my office, not the websites I use during my personal time.
I would've imagined they don't like employees talking about censorship or "insider" information. Oh they don't, you're right about that. But they're also painfully oblivious to anything that is published or written outside of their sphere. Most of them don't even pay attention to major foreign news outlets, let alone Reddit.
You are naive. it is easy to find out who you are I'm aware of how easy it is to find out who I am. Still not fussed about it.
So are you still alive? Dr. Mantis Toboggan?? I'm VERY alive.
I heard you have a monster dong.
You get Its Always Sunny in China? Do you guys have netflix? No Netflix, but torrents work most of the time.
Is there any mention about the pollution there? I mean, is the govt actively doing something, perhaps finding what cause it? Link to blogs.wsj.com
Link to www.bbc.co.uk
Link to www.theguardian.com
Basically the Chinese public have started to focus more on the importance of protecting the environment and have therefore forced the government to pay attention to the issue.
Nothing scares the Chinese government more than social unrest - their greatest priority is ensuring that the general public won't flip out en masse and kick them out of power. Their efforts to reduce pollution are really just token efforts - Chinese industry is massive and produces ridiculous amounts of pollutants. But at this point they have to do something.
Is "Silent Spring" available in a Chinese edition? I don't know, but it should be. The Chinese need their own "Silent Spring".
Edit: since you mentioned a Chinese version of a controversial book, I'd like to note that I've purchased an English-language copy of "1984" right here in Beijing, from some dude on the street with a cart full of books. A Chinese friend of mine has the same book - in Chinese. Wacky, no? Like how/where did that ever get printed?
How 'free' is Sina Weio? Is anything ever censored on it? Sina Weibo is technically a private company, but they are still subject to Chinese law. To that end, they engage in a fair amount of self-censoring. I believe they've gone on record as saying that they employ a number of people who comb through posts for anything sensitive.
That being said, the vast majority of muckraking done by the Chinese public over the last year or so has been done via Sina Weibo.
Why so much fear of social unrest? It's not like a populist revolution is brewing. No seriously. There are so many folks here that if some kind of social movement caught on and a lot of people started protesting, the government would be literally overrun. There was an environmental protest in south China last year (I think?) where local residents actually swarmed a government office building.
I thought more people would use QQ or 人人 more then Sina Weibo? More people almost certainly use QQ, although I'm actually not sure about the precise figures. I just know Weibo has blown up the last couple years.
When I lived in China people used "中国人太多了!" as an excuse for everything! Precisely.
Is there any sense that China is overpopulated? Every time I get on the subway.
What is the largest story that you've had to 'ignore' due to government pressure or interests? I haven't had to "ignore" a story, per se, since I'm not actually a reporter on the front lines. Most of our stories are handed to us anyway via press releases or statements from government spokesmen.
I do recall one particularly troubling day. July 24, 2011 was a Sunday. I was working the weekend shift - it's usually a slow shift, with only one foreign editor on duty (me).
On the night of July 23rd, two high-speed trains collided on a railway in Wenzhou, a city in east China's Zhejiang Province. A few dozen people were killed and a couple hundred were injured.
There were so many stories about the train crash the next day, and I had to edit all of them. The stories I edited seemed to clash with accounts written by foreign media - it wasn't long before the Chinese government was caught red-handed trying to downplay the incident.
Domestic media were instructed not to send reporters to the scene of the crash, and stories about it were intentionally suppressed or relegated to the back pages of newspapers. But between eyewitness accounts and reports from foreign media, many Chinese quickly came to realize that the government was trying to keep the whole thing under wraps.
The backlash was almost immediate. The crash came at a time when Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, was first becoming popular. People were posting photos from the crash, citing their own theories for what happened...I suppose it was not unlike what happened after 9/11 or the Boston Marathon bombings.
In the end, former Railway Minster Liu Zhijun took the fall for the crash. He'd been previously accused of corruption anyway, and this incident was the last straw. Other high-level officials were sacrificed as well.
I didn't have to ignore that story, but it stayed with me for a long time. I was dating a Chinese woman at the time, and she was in tears when I came home after work. She couldn't believe that her own government would try to hide the facts behind something so horrific, although I know she knows it's not the first time China's government has done so. I told her that governments do that all the time. Didn't really make much of a difference though.
Your role there does sound positively Orwellian. Do you really notice specific correlations between your situation and that of 1984? Heh. I went into journalism because I realized I could write my way out of a wet paper bag but I didn't want to become a novelist and starve and/or become an English professor.
I don't mean to put you down, but doesn't this job bring up any internal ethical conflicts for you? Is this really what you went into journalism to do? I do have conflicts about what I do. I have conflicts about what I do at work, what I do in my personal life. I contradict my own beliefs and attitudes all the time. I'm a huge hypocrite. Constantly. But I pay my rent and pay my taxes and have enough left over to get me through the day. Ask any journalist who works for a major news organization and see what they have to say about ethical conflicts.
China's surveillance, censorship, human rights, food quality, pollution and other issues make it seem like a dark and orwellian place to live. But what is it really like there? It's actually pretty chill here for the most part. Food safety issues have become more visible in recent years, but some say that's actually because food inspectors are getting more strict, which is obviously a good thing. The air quality does suck ass, but unless you're living here for years and years or have some kind of medical condition, it's not actually that dangerous.
Do people speak freely amongst themselves about the government, if not publicly? Surveillance...ya know, there's a camera on every corner. And no one is watching it. I say and do shit that would probably get me in trouble all the time, but no one ever comes knocking. So to answer your third question, people bitch about the government all the time - publicly, no less. Chinese social media is full of people complaining about the government.
I don't think your ethical conflict is similar to those faced by actual journalists. That's true - they have greater flexibility in terms of being able to "take the high road" or not. I can keep working for the Chinese government...or quit.
That's a very strange and unexpected story. Things really aren't as bleak or grim over here as you'd be led to believe. Naturally I can only speak for my own experience as a foreigner living in the capital - there is certainly some dark shit that goes down elsewhere in the country - but my own experience has been largely decent.
On the other hand, many young Chinese I speak to seem eager to leave the country. Some have the aforementioned food and pollution concerns, others want to do business and develop themselves in an environment that rewards their creativity and integrity.
Chinese office culture - one could say Chinese culture in general - is very much about forming relationships with people more powerful than yourself and leveraging those relationships. Lots of ass-kissing and gift-giving. I've met several Chinese who don't care to do things this way.
What is your responsibility in terms of censoring? My company, like most state-owned media, does not engage in a lot of investigative journalism. In fact, most of the information our reporters use to write their stories is spoon-fed in the form of press releases, statements from government spokesmen and public notices issued by various government departments. Naturally, any kind of controversial or damaging content is omitted from that information before our reporters even receive it.
Chinese state media do not use what I would call "active" censorship, where they're actually removing information or otherwise deliberately altering content. It's more passive - the information just isn't provided in the first place. There have been many times when I've tried to clarify a story, only to be told by the writer and/or translator: "we don't have that information."
So would you regard it as a bit like the scene in "Good Morning Vietnam" where the news comes over a telex and then the military censors cross out what can and can't be mentioned on the radio? Hahaha I wish I worked with Robin Williams. I don't know if it's really like that, but it's conceivable. It's more like there's just a lack of transparency and accountability - for instance, government officials are not required to provide their names to journalists.
Did the Chinese govt censor anything on Edward Snowden? Who?
No, of course I know who he is. But if you ask the Chinese government, that's the answer you'll get. The Chinese media doesn't actively censor - it just ignores everything the government doesn't like. Edward Snowden doesn't exist, as far as Xinhua is concerned.
Link to news.xinhuanet.com
Link to www.cbsnews.com
Link to www.huffingtonpost.com
Link to shanghaiist.com
Link to www.channelnewsasia.com
Wait, seriously? I've been in China for the past few weeks on vacation, and everybody here seems to love Snowden, if they know who he is. Yep - it was my own bias, I never read anything about Snowden because I work in the domestic department. See my reply below.
I'm confused, I'm looking at Link to www.xinhuanet.com right now and snowden is mentioned in one of the articles. Yeah I fucked that up - working in domestic news will do that to you. Check my reply below.
What are your responsibilities at Xinhua? Are you a foreigner working as an editor for their English material or a Mainland Chinese editor? I'm a foreigner working in the English department, yes. I edit domestic news exclusively, but we publish both domestic and international news in multiple languages.
Thanks. So how did you end up working at Xinhua? Why did you want to work there? Journalism background or just looking for work that builds on your English expertise? Well, I came to China as an economic refugee from the United States, basically. I graduated with a journalism degree at a time when the journalism industry was (still is? I'm pretty sure?) looking pretty grim in the U.S. and elsewhere. A couple friends recommended that I do an internship at a Chinese English-language newspaper and I worked my way up from there.
I don't even really refer to myself as a journalist anymore, not when I'm working for Xinhua. It's a weird and kind of depressing place to work sometimes, but it's also fairly laid-back and pays decently for the amount of work I'm required to do. I don't love it but it pays the bills and doesn't make me want to kill myself. Maybe I'm setting my sights too low, but I feel like that's pretty okay for a hack like me.
Interesting. Do you work closely with any of the Mainland reporters or is it mostly foreigners in your department? I work with a few foreign copy editors and dozens of Chinese reporters/translators/editors.
Anyone else have a palpable taste of WTF after reading that?... someone left American journalism to work in Chinese journalism. America is unfortunately extremely unsafe for true journalism, just ask Michael Hastings... wait, nvm. To be clear, I didn't decide to work in Chinese journalism because I disliked the U.S. journalism industry (although I do). It was more that there just weren't any jobs at that time. The industry is still in rough shape and I'm not even sure if I'll continue to do journalism when I move back home.
I find it sounds quite cool what you're doing, given the opportunity I'd do it, but I still get paid too well to become an economic refugee ;-). 你的中文好吗? 我中文说的就是一般般.
Have you joined the communist party yet? Can't and wouldn't want to. Well, maybe. Some of those folks do reaaal well for themselves.
Do you feel like you have more freedoms than the average Chinese citizen? Did you have any connections to China or any asian countries before the move? Are you a visible minority over there, if so do you experience xenophobia/racism? No connections to China or any other Asian countries beforehand, although I always thought Japan was awesome because video games and porn. In some ways I guess I am more free than the average Chinese citizen - for one thing, I make a better salary than most Chinese who have the same experience/educational background as me, and I probably work less hours than a lot of them. But this comes at an expense - there is no way I will ever be promoted or gain any kind of seniority at my company. Only Chinese can do that at state-owned companies. In Beijing, I'm certainly a visible minority, but not that visible. There are tons of foreigners in this city - the only racism I've experienced has been from Chinese who've migrated here from elsewhere or from other foreigners.
If you made the same salary in America as you do in China would you have moved/consider going back? If I made the same salary in the States, it'd really depend where I was living. I don't think I make enough now to live in LA or Chicago or somewhere like that.
Seriously how did they even decide that that means "badass." The fuck, China. The fuck. It's an Oriental Mystery.
你有没有觉得一些人有一点儿二在你的单位? As a kid born in Canada I never understood why they referred to weird/eccentric people as "two" lol. Hahahaha I have an 二锅头 shirt that is a play on the "Absolut" ads, it says "约对二" in Chinese (obviously) and "Absolut 2" in English. The Chinese think it's hysterical.
Do people discuss politics in the office ? All the time. One of my Chinese bosses loves to ask me about American rights and laws. My favorite quote?
"If I were an American politician, I would make it mandatory to own a gun."
I'd like to hear a little more about this. What kind of stuff does your boss ask/want to know? Are they surprised by what you tell them. What do they think about rights/laws in America? Most of the Chinese I discuss politics with are either in their early 20s early to mid 30s. They're all fairly well-educated and are familiar with western history and media. They're rarely, if ever, surprised with what I tell them about the States - although it depends on the question, I suppose. They just like comparing and contrasting U.S./China policy. They mirror each other in strange ways sometimes.
I think a lot of Chinese do envy some of the laws and rights we have in the States, but at the same time, they are intensely defensive of China's policies, as backward as some of them may seem to us.
Why did you decide to move to China? Pros and Cons vs living in the US? Pros: living costs are low, the language/culture are interesting, dating can be fun and the food is delicious.
Cons: salaries are low, the language/culture are hard to understand and deal with, dating is hellish and the food can kill you.
Elaborate on the dating? I was always under the impression Chinese girls were very conservative and didnt like to mix much with westerners. Depends on which ones you meet. Many Chinese women are curious about foreigners, but these are often the ones you don't want to date because their understanding of foreign culture is almost entirely informed by American Idol, Big Bang Theory, Friends and other shitty TV shows. Finding a Chinese woman who is liberal, opinionated, smart and all that other good stuff is hard to do. Although it's admittedly easier in the bigger Chinese cities.
Is Chinese celebrity news as highly reported as in America? Depends on what you mean by highly reported. China doesn't have trashy tabloid-esque "news" shows like there are in the States (as far as I know), but they do like to dig up dirt on celebrities. My employers don't run stories like that, but the Chinese do like to gossip about celebs on Sina Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter) and other social media sites.
One interesting difference is that some U.S. celebrities embrace the fame they gain from unflattering reports/revelations - Kim Kardashian became famous for fucking some shitty DJ - while Chinese celebrities try to avoid those kind of exposures. Chinese society is considerably more conservative than that of the U.S., so any kind of sex/gambling/etc. scandal is much more damaging for a Chinese celeb.
Edison Chen ftw. Aw man. Chen's my boy. Seriously I need to make some famous Chinese friends.
China doesn't have trashy tabloid-esque "news" shows like there are in the States. In exchange you guys have a bazillion talent competition and matchmaking shows. Yeesh. Hahaha true. God those are ridiculous and cheesy.
So what REALLY happened at Tienanmen Square? Well, I probably shouldn't talk about this. But if you really want to know...
First, a bunch of students showed up. Like a huge bunch. And they were calling for democracy and human rights and all this crazy stuff. And then the military showed up with tanks and guns and shit and then the protesters' lives got flipped-turned upside down and I'd like to take a minute just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air.
That's what really happened.
On the one hand, DPRK is entirely reliant on PRC for its continued existence, so I can imagine it would be some kind of glorious brothers in struggle sort of thing, but I get the impression Beijing is getting kinda tired of Pyongyang's shit. Beijing is so tired of Pyongyang's shit, but it's in a tough spot. Things have been quiet in recent months, but when the DPRK nuclear launch stuff was going down, Beijing was just like...fffuuu wat do.
As an editor, how do you feel when people discredit your news agency? Do you feel like they are justified and do you compare yourself to a BBC or another news company? People who discredit Xinhua are somewhat in the right - but our lack of journalistic integrity isn't actually our fault, if you can believe that. We just don't do investigative reporting - we're essentially another arm of the government. We're more akin to the White House PR department than the BBC or Reuters. So I can't really take their criticism too harshly.
Are you a foreigner? How many times a day do you hear "laowai"? I mostly just hear HALLOOO.
How would you define China's relationship with the United States? Mutually beneficial win-win cooperation that features interdependent co-supportive friendly relations.
Just kidding. We're pretty different but we have to get our shit together - together - otherwise both sides will just be fucked.
Would it be possible for an average chinese citizen to access this AMA? Meant to reply to this earlier. ggandthecrew is absolutely right - fear of anti-communist ideas is only half the picture. Most of China's web censorship is done to boost domestic consumption - block Twitter, so Chinese have to use Sina Weibo. Block YouTube so Chinese have to use Youku. Block Facebook so they have to use Renren. It's just as much an economic tool as a social one.
Is part of the reason they block those large sites so that Chinese companies can fill the void and reap the profits? I mean, even a half a billion new Facebook accounts would really generate a lot of money. Exactly. It's partly driven by the need to expand domestic consumption.
I'm trying to imagine a Chinese version of Reddit. Is there anything that comes close? Sort of, actually. There are message boards (Tianya and Mop) that are basically news portals that Chinese can comment on. If you check out www.chinasmack.com, you can find a lot of stories that are lifted from these message boards, along with translated versions of netizens' comments. It's actually a really interesting and informative window into Chinese beliefs and attitudes.
Do they also block foreign sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc. in order to prevent NSA spying or is that just a new excuse that they've come up with post-Snowden? All the sites you mentioned were blocked or messed with well before Snowden's revelation. The blocking is done to keep "harmful information" hidden, but also to boost use of domestic sites that provide similar services.
Are you familiar with Bitcoin? If so, do you know what the government's stance on it is? I remember there was a pretty positive article about them by Xinhua not too long ago. Thanks! You know what, I haven't actually seen any stories about Bitcoin come through Xinhua. I'm not all that familiar with it myself. But if the article you mention was indeed positive, that's as good as a stamp of approval from the government itself, more or less.
I believe decentralization is key to keeping markets honest, including journalism. Do you support a government-owned news agency and how do you feel about private agencies? And are private agencies allowed to go by different rules or are they heavily regulated by the Chinese government? Chinese media was, for a long time, almost exclusively state-owned. However, this has changed in recent years, as the government is seeking to wean state-owned companies off of the government's tit and expand private industry in order to stimulate consumption. Private media is still heavily regulated and relatively scarce in terms of size and influence, but it will likely grow in the years to come.
I don't support government-owned news because it flies in the face of what I believe "news" should be. But then, U.S. media has very much been in the lap of the government for years.
Also a current journalism undergrad considering living abroad after I graduate in May. I'm not necessarily looking for journalism work, either, though, as the job market is still crap unless you're creme-de-la-creme and have tons of legit experience under your belt. I am curious, though, what motivated you to move to Asia? Were you serious about wanting to find work in journalism abroad, or did you just want to leave America in general, and this job made the most sense once you got there? I honestly didn't care what kind of work I found - at that point, I was just grasping at straws. I had journalist friends who had much more extensive and impressive resumes than I did - and these people were working the counter at American Eagle, shit like that. No jobs to be found for anyone, qualified or not. So no. I wasn't necessarily interested in working in Asia, or working as a reporter in Asia, or even working as a reporter. I just needed a fucking job. Everything else unfolded after I arrived.
You said that you moved from abroad for the work...did you have any connection to China at all, beforehand? Little to no connection to China beforehand. A couple of my good friends had done internships at the same newspaper I ended up interning at, they kind of goaded me into it and I ended up living here along with them.
Also, are there more foreigners like you in your department? There are other foreigners in my department, yes. Foreigners like me? Son, they don't make foreigners like me anymore.
Do you think the Wang Qishan and the Xi Jinping regime are actually making inroads against corruption, or are they mining stories to satisfy a witch-hunting lust for public show? They're making a token effort. I won't pretend to be an expert on the inner workings of the Standing Committee, but from what I know, corruption is what greases the gears of the CPC. Too many government-corporate relationships would dissolve if they truly wanted to get rid of corruption. The economy would be a shambles. Not unlike that of the U.S., really. Too big to fail? China is too big to fail in so many ways.
How overt is the censorship? Does it ever get brought up in meetings, or is it all kinda hush-hush? I live in Shanghai, and I've had to deal with censorship in one way or another, and it seems like there is no official criteria. Since you actually work for the government, do you have an official list of topics the government thinks is not promoting harmonious society? Hahaha. Yeah, it's not overt at all. It happens before it even hits my desk - no official criteria or anything. Although I've had several occasions where an editor will come over and say "hey. This article is sensitive. Don't change anything other than the spelling and grammar."
How is it like living in China? I have a friend who goes to university there, and he uses Facebook, so either it isn't blocked there (or he got through the filter, I dunno). What sites are blocked there, actually? What Craigox27 said - proxy/VPN services are cheap and easy to purchase. Most young Chinese have them as well. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, NY Times and Blogspot are blocked, among many, many others.
Then one wonders what's the point of blocking sites if they can be bypassed so easily. A lot of the things the Chinese government does make little to no sense. And as Dr. Ian Malcolm once said, "life finds a way." AKA Male Chinese adolescents find a way (to look at porn).
You can't say most young Chinese have proxy and VPN. Maybe amongst educated white collar in the media industry, but not in the general population. True, young rural Chinese likely aren't aware of or do not have such software, as most of them don't have computers either. But young Chinese who have computer access are generally aware of them, I would argue.
What news website would you recommend for non-Chinese speakers to read about daily news in China (like Chinasmack)? You picked my favorite already. I would also recommend BeijingCream, the Shanghaiist and Ministry of Tofu.
Late to the party- what's your opinion of the Epoch Times? Of course it can't be gotten in China, but it's quite available in N. America and Europe- any thoughts? To be honest, I'm not that familiar with them, although I realize I really ought to be. I should read up!
What do you believe is the responsibility of the news media in Chinese society? Are you able to talk about how China is different from other countries' media in that respect? Edit: sorry, I feel like I didn't fully answer your question. News media in China largely has no responsibility other than to its sponsor - the government. But there is so much new media content in the form of microblogs and videos that is really heartening. Citizen journalism is blowing up in China and it's awesome.
Is it true that you guys have a plan to take over the whole world? It's the same thing I do every night, Pinky.
What is your future prospect in the agency as a foreigner? do you want to transfer to a different department? I see that you typed some Chinese characters, so how good is your Chinese now? Future prospects? Few exist for foreigners at state-owned companies. I've heard of foreigners with excellent Chinese and networking skills getting promotions, but those are few and far between and I have neither the patience nor skill to go that route. I am transferring to a different department where I will get to learn some new things, but I'm probably headed back to the States in a couple years. There is little to no room for upward movement here, career-wise.
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There is No Bad Press? Blatant Scam Disguised as "Bitcoin Multilevel Market" Launched in Brazil

(OP: http://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/1rbv5g/there_is_no_bad_press_blatant_scam_disguised_as/)
Ponzi schemes are frequent everywhere. The last (and pretty famous one) in Brazil was TelexFree, halted by Justice by the time it had reached the size of 500 million reais ( ~200 million dollars).
The brazilian bitcoin community (bitcointalk portuguese, facebook etc) was quite surprised to realize that the newest scam on the streets was brave enough to stage a show with our dear bitcoin as the main role: www.vb12.com.br
They sell obsolete USB Erupters and promise ONE BITCOIN/month for a 800 reais (~350 usd) monthly fee! As the poor scammed person brings other peers, he gets a better bitcoin reward (wat?).
The official video tells that "their special software allows better mining efficiency as more people join the pool" and bullshit such as "bitcoin price is around 200 usd".
Many newbies are popping up on forums brought by such crazy scheme. The link of the video (portuguese): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNgo3tTZztU
TelexFree was able to penetrate even the depths of Amazon in poor small towns, make top stories on televisions and put up outdoors everywhere in this 200 million country.
Will a scammer bring more awareness about bitcoin then all legitimate efforts combined?
TL;DR: potentially huge scheme/Ponzi in Brazil taking advantage of bitcoin fame may unintentionally raise bitcoin awareness
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[Table] IAmA: I am Sos, who made McPixel and gave out free codes on Pirate Bay. Ask me anything!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2012-08-17
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
Do you find it Ironic that you'll likely see a large boost in sales, after posting free codes for your game on TPB? Haha, I don't. But I can't tell if that happened (no data). But it makes a good point, on how pirates are not thieves, and that they are really cool :) Ok, I shouldn't use the word pirates, whatever, I hope you get what I mean ;)
Why are you so chilled with people downloading your games for free, and what are your thoughts on piracy in general? See other comments that just popped up for 'reasons of piracy'. People just pirate games for a wide range of reasons. Other's despise it. Others don't care. Some of the torrentors buy the game if they like it, some can't afford it!
Could you elaborate a little on how you've done financially? I'd be interested to know how many donations you've received vs. how many times your game has been pirated. I sold around 1k copies so far. No idea on amount of pirated ones. But I guess it's always proportional to sales. Somehow.
Congratulations! I really want to check your game now. Edit: that sounded really rude, is not, sorry :( Haha. No worries :) Look the game up on youtube to see what's this about! Link to www.youtube.com
Did you pay Jesse from OMFGcata to commercialise your game? Hell no! He just picked it up and started playing! Also, I don't think I could afford such thing. I also don't think Jesse would do that.
I'm at work, so I can't check now. Can you tell us a little about the game for those of us that don't know it? Ok, McPixel is a save the day guy, like MacGyver or MacGruber. The game is a point'n'click adventure. But you traverse short simple levels. Each level has a bomb fused at 20 seconds and you have to use whatever's on screen to disarm it. Then you end up doing something totally awful and it blows up.
How greenlight works? i want it for steam!! People vote for games to get them on Steam!
What's you position on horse-sized ducks? Misionary.
What language did you use for game? and what extra libraries? I have no idea what your game is and have not played it, but I heard that it's good, but I can't get it, but I just want to know. Thanks! AS3 + Flashpunk. Here: Link to mcpixel.net
I haven't actually played the game, but have watched Jesse Cox of OMFGCATA play it. I was wondering, has youtube playthroughs had a noticeable impact on your game's traffic? Super friggin awesome impact. Better than any reviews and other stuff. And it's really fun to watch people play it! I suppose the game is 'photogenic' in a way :)
PewDiePie started a Let’s Play of McPixel yesterday and he likes it quite a lot. How much do you think that his 1.5 million subscribers will increase your sells? It increased my sales really much! I think around 1000% even (from 10/day to 100/day)
How did you get in to creating games? I wanted to do that since ever! I was toyiong with computers as a kid and breaking them and creating awful C64 BASIC games. In the end... I became a teacher! :P But then lots of things happened and I now make my own games for a living! And It's a thing I always wanted to do and it feel really cool :)
What language/software/framework did you use to create your game? Did you use any external libraries? Is the level creatoeditor a separate application to the actual game? How long did it take you to finish development? Cheers. Ok, here we go: - The game is made in AS3 using Flashpunk - I used flashpunk, as I said :) - The creator is an unlockable part of the game - It took me roughly 10 months to make that game. It was started during Ludum Dare 21 one year ago. LD is a 48 hours game making competition. The version made during that time can be played here: Link to mcpixel.sos.gd
How long did it take you to create the levels? I imagine some the bonus levels took a ton of time, like the bonus stage of chapter 4 with all those bombs. Which level did you have the most fun creating? Also, thanks for creating the game! It was great fun playing through it. Some levels took 2h to make, some took whole day. Mostly depends on the amount of re-used graphics. I don't know! All the levels! i had olots of fun, but it also was a lot of work!
I assume from the menu that you'll create DLC now, but what's your plan after McPixel? Sequel? Or a different game / genre? Any plans you can talk about already? No plans for now It's Uncle Frank! Link to imgur.com Mosty McPixel Characters didn't have names, but this one was created when I planned for them to have names.
How did you motivate yourself to actually develop the game? And, what experience/training do you have? I look in my fridge and have to make a game before food runs out :P Haha, well not all the time, but that happens to everyone. I have a tiny industry experience (worked on an startup MMO that failed www.lifeon.pl ) I have been learning making games by making games most of the time, because that's what I love to do and what I always wanted to be doing in life! (Ok, except for taking over the world)
How long have you had your company and would you count yourself as succeeding at what you aim to do? I am not a company! Ok, I am, but just for tax collectors. I consider myself successful, because I do what I love. I make games that people enjoy! My aim reaches no further than that! At least for now!
Have you considered getting this sold on steam? GOG? humble bundle? I don't know the logistics, benefits, or anything else about this, just curious :) Yes, Yes and yes! I'm looking forward for the upcoming Steam Greenlight launch (on 30th) to try and get it to Steam!
Can you actually live from being a small indie developper? Yup! But it can get rough on you.
Please will you tell us when you're websites back up so we can buy your game? (or tweet when it happens, that works too) I surely will!
Proof? Oh, Link to twitter.com Sorry, I'm not a good redditor :P.
I just watched the launch trailer and I am torn between awesome and wat? How long did this take to develop? 10 Months roughly. First version was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare competition and you can play it here: Link to mcpixel.sos.gd It had 6 levels. Making all 100 levels took a long time, and I made few other games in the meantime too.
What are all the possible endings in level 1? Got every other level gold but the first. :( No spoilers! Take a break and make sure you clicked everything. The actions are different when you hold or not hold an item, keep that in mind too!
How much money has this game made you? How much did it cost you to make? It costed me 10 months of living to make 9you know, food and stuff. I sold around 1000 copies so far. I will use that money to make more games!
So did you have money in savings during those 10 months, or did you work a regular job at the same time? I had money savings from Thelemite sponsorship. In the meantime I made Super Pig and got some money too. Then I was a part of Indie Buskers, then I launched Super Office Stress. So I had to take breaks from making McPixel to make other games to be able to survive. Sorry for no linkies!
Heya! So I study, among other things, game design as part of my University education. It's super fun, because I think that the soul reason programming languages exist is to make games from them. I got some questions about your perspective on the indie scene and maybe some about game development processes. It is 2AM I can't think of any more questions. I like your game. I loved the fanart thing. Got a favourite piece of user art? Indie games is indie love! I always make sure to speak about fellow indies cool games when they come out, same with all the other indies. It's like a big family thing :)
Link to www.desura.com. Is this a legit website too buy your game from, or should I buy it through your own website? Yup. My website is back up tho, and you get a desura code too.
Dude, your game looks hilarious. Is there any way to buy it while your sites down? No way to do that, sorries :(
Huh? You can buy it on Desura ... Oh I forgot about that, sorries. Anyways, site's back up!
Any plans for a new game? Not yet, I need to answer some questions first!
Would you put the game on a humble indie bundle? I am watching the you-tube game play right now and it looks amazing man! Great work! You have my support. I would! and I hope too in the future!
What do you think of space butterflys? It's not that. It's what the great Space Butterfly thinks of me that matters!
So, pretty much every level in this game is completely random and nonsensical, not a single thing in this game makes sense.. Which is why t's so awesome. So how did you come up with the ideas for these completely ridiculous and hilarious levels? I did not 'come up' with them. I just drew stuff midlessly and it came up like this. It was really hard to 'come up' with 100 levels, so I just went 'what the hell, i'll just start drawing'. And it worked :)
So how is the viral advertisment business going lately? Unexpectadly unexpected. I am kind of full of panic now :P Ok, perhaps I saw this coming from afar when posting the TPB comment, but no way I thought it would get this much recognition.
Your nickname looks familiar, some Slavonic roots? I live in a small town near Poznan. Are we acquainted?
As a someone who is interested in game development, what do you suggest what should i start learning first? Just google tools. try Stencyl, Construct, Love, Game Maker! Use whatever you like!
Pancakes or Waffles? Waffles!
Can you describe the short-term effect (apart from crashing your site) that the reddit attention had? My fingers hurt, I got some review copy requests pumped my twitter followers.
How do you come up with ideas for your games? Do you have an idea of what type of game, you are gonna do next? Do you watch all videos of people playing your games? :) I know you watch mine, and I've seen you comment on others. Alright, that's it. Stay awsome! Not all, but I do. I stay tuned on your Super Pig playthrough tho! Looking forwar dto the rest of Super Pig :) Oh and by the way, you need an Armor Games account to get onto the scoreboard, make sure you have that before you finish! I forgot to change that in the help!
What was your mental state when designing the levels for McPixel? It was nonexistant :P.
of all - how successful was the Indie Buskers event? Indie Buskers was really great! We made around $800 each! And we made some cool games too! Anbd had fun! It was a great experience :)
, what is your relation to S0phieH? Sophie is a friend and a fellow indie game developer! I haven't met her in real life tho.
I am rabiat! Am I the only one to see through this obvious publicity stunt? I can do nothing but raise my hat to you, Sos. Your stunt succeeded and the hive-mind didn't suspect a thing. You're not the only one. But it is not true. I got ambushed by reddit while sleeping soundly.
Sos you're awesome and truly an inspiration to the rest of us aspiring game devs. May I ask any plans for more games in the future? Thank you :) I plan to keep making games! I don't know what will it be yet!
You probably won't see this. But, the music at the intro of the game and menu is very similar to some music from the first episode of the 2005 Season of Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston. Is this intentional? Oh, I did not know that. Can you link that please?
Well couldn't you also accept google wallet? I was just too lazy to code it :P.
Don't take this the wrong way but, what the fuck were you thinking when you made that game? Haha. This is the tough kind of question. :P I'll just say that the original tagline for McPixel was "Facepalm yourself to death"
I just played the demo and i need to say it's really funny. so are planing to make something like an update with more levels? There are 100 levels in the full version, and I will proceed to make additional Free DLC promptly!
Have you thought about putting a Bitcoin address in your post on Bittorrent? That way people who download your game can send you money right there. I'm considering adding other options ot the website after reading through the comments. I need to look up on the different methods, tho!
Cheers :) Please accept this: Link to mcpixel.net. Oh crap I replied to the wrong post, my brain is shutting down. I haven't had enough sleep, sorry! Anyways, try the game and see for yourself!
What's your favorite game, besides your own? :) Oh man, so many of them. Let me pick and underdog you should totally play. Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (NES)
Can you explain to me what the game is all about ? i watched some Pewdiepie videos about it but... its so random, i dont even know xD but im looking forward to try it ! Cheers :) Please accept this: Link to mcpixel.net
Are you going to produce levels based on The Great Space Butterfly, our glorious leader, and ruler of all? If you honestly do, I will buy your game. If you don't... I'll still buy it because the game looks awesome and you're a cool dude for doing this AMA and caring about your customers. I will produce one level based on that, yes! Thanks :)
When will you give out free codes again? Now! Link to mcpixel.net
Hmm... I had a math teacher who went by 'Mr. Sos,' and I actually can't tell if that is you or not. Does Mendocino ring a bell? It's not. But I was a teacher too! :)
Are you Swedish by any chance? The trailer sure looked Swedish. Haha, nope, I'm Polish!
Hello Sos! What a cool game. I do have one question for you, though. How many cakes have you eaten in one sitting? Nuit.
Is it true there will be a space butterfly level in the upcoming dlc? Yup!
Do you have proof this wasn't a ploy to get reddit to buy your game? Yes, I do. But I prefer you just trust me. I would feel bad trying to prove my right.
So whens the space butterfly level coming out? I will do my best to push it by the end of the week!
Just wanted to tell you I was interested in buying your game, but I really dislike paypal. So I'll be waiting until you hit the Android market for my phone, or steam if that pans out. Otherwise, thanks for making games. I don't think I say that enough to developers. Thanks :) PayPal has an advantage of being popular, regardless whether people like it or not. Android version is coming reeeeaally soon, and I hope to get on Steam, with help of the people (Greenlight).
You should go back and watch it once you've done the puzzles, though, because Jesse is honestly hilarious. Haha yes he is!
Dubstep. Bloom. Heavy DOF. HD textures. First person. Snipers. Noscopes. 360 noscopes. A ranking system. Prestige mode. Your game has none of these ;_; It has bloom!
I think this is the most appropriate time for me to wish you a happy cake day. Happy cake day!
I HAVE CREATED AN ART FOR YOU. IT SPEAKS MY SOUL. Link to i.imgur.com. This is so awesome! Please submit to the website! Thanks!
Because of TPB, I will buy the game. Enjoy my $10.00. Thank you! I will use it wisely!
Mentioned in another reply that he was a teacher, probably made the game during his free time. I quit teaching a year before i went full-time indie.
I'll send an Sos to the world. Hello, this is the World, WTF did you just sent me!?
Hello World!
I saw "I'm SOS" and got so excited that Spurrier was on Reddit. Then I read the rest of the title. I am now disappointed, but I will say that while you are not the OBC, you seem like the kind of person we need in the game development and distribution industry. Keep up the good work! Sorry! I did not know there were more Soses :) And thank you!
I can see your game getting pretty popular. You have people like pewdiepie playing and that will get your game some much deserved attention. Great game friend! Thanks :) It's really great to see people enjoy my game!
My fingers hurt, I got some review copy requests pumped my twitter followers. Also, my nap got disrupted.
I can see like a 500% sale boost for you since the post about TPB comment. Nah it was not that much actually. And Pewdiepie posted a new LP video today too, so it's hard to tell what influenced the sales more.
Get some sleep. x. Is this the massage? More to the left please.
You're great for doing this! Just want to let you know, I'm torrenting the game now because I'm impatient, but I'll buy it ASAP. I watched a couple minutes of the playthrough and I was just laughing through it. Great job on this. No worries, grab the game! Link to mcpixel.net
Piracy isn't bad itself - our system makes it bad. Think about it. (just like automation by machines is only taking our jobs in the current system but is not a bad thing after all) Also if OP reads this: thanks for this great act! Cheers!
Link please for legit version! Link to mcpixel.net
Just wanted to say I really like your website. Thanks :) I hope you don't mean the DDoS notice!
Pewdiepie. That is all Brofist!
If you post a discount code for reddit users, I will buy the game without even looking at the video. That's what being a good guy developer gets you. Brofist. I don't have reusable codes promgrammed, so I'll just leave few discount codes here: 02E9-7813-FECA 02E9-7814-2DC3 02E9-7814-38CA 02E9-7814-414B 02E9-7814-4925 02E9-7814-5CA1 02E9-7814-6857 02E9-7814-7027 02E9-7814-77F4 02E9-7814-7FEC.
Hey. Just wanted to say that I bought the game after Jesse's first McPixel video (so I played the other parts before he did) and I loved it! :) Thanks! It's great to hear you enjoyed it :)
Last updated: 2012-08-22 02:30 UTC
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Is Mining Bitcoin Still Profitable in 2020? - YouTube What is Bitcoin? (v2) - YouTube What is Bitcoin? How to Mine Bitcoin? [ Bangla Video ... Bitcoin Q&A: What is Mining? - YouTube What is Bitcoin mining

Get the software for bitcoin mining. Only through bitcoin mining software, the miner can fastener their mining hardware to the preferred mining pool. Software is required to point the hash rate at the mining pool. Make sure bitcoin mining is legal in your area. In most countries, bitcoin mining is legal, but it is better to consult the local ... Bitcoin mining is the process by which new bitcoins are entered into circulation, but it is also a critical component of the maintenance and development of the blockchain ledger. Bitcoin mining is the process of adding transaction records to Bitcoin's public ledger of past transactions or blockchain. This ledger of past transactions is called the block chain as it is a chain of blocks. The block chain serves to confirm transactions to the rest of the network as having taken place. The Bitcoin.com mining pool has the lowest share reject rate (0.15%) we've ever seen. Other pools have over 0.30% rejected shares. Furthermore, the Bitcoin.com pool has a super responsive and reliable support team. The result of “bitcoin mining” is twofold. First, when computers solve these complex math problems on the Bitcoin network, they produce new bitcoin, not unlike when a mining operation extracts ...

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Is Mining Bitcoin Still Profitable in 2020? - YouTube

SLP121 Yan Pritzker - Intro to Bitcoin Mining (Beginner episode) - Duration: 58:30. Stephan Livera 467 views. 58:30. What is mining? Does it work as a business model? Mining - particularly regarding proof-of-work cryptocurrencies like bitcoin - provides industrial infrastru... For more information: https://www.bitcoinmining.com and https://www.weusecoins.com What is Bitcoin Mining? Have you ever wondered how Bitcoin is generated? T... Where do Bitcoins come from, and what is Bitcoin "mining"? Peter van Valkenburgh, Director of Research at Coin Center, explains the role of miners in a syste... The most watched Bitcoin introduction video ever. Updated in April 2014, this video explains how bitcoin works and the importance of this paradigm shifting t...